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Like Crazy (2011) – 4/5

A decent, if infuriatingly unrealistic romance about an average looking guy with no personality who somehow manages to get not one but two beautiful women to fall in love with him, one of them being Jennifer Lawrence, that bastard. It’s a pretty typical fare otherwise; better than average, decently shot, and very well acted by the women here, especially Felicity Jones who is adorable as hell with her British accent and cute face. Granted she’s forced to carry the film alone, being the main character and all, but Anton Yelchin could have helped a little. But no. He’s terrible.

The film starts out slow and odd. And, again, unrealistic. I just didn’t buy that a woman as beautiful as Jones would not only be attracted to a guy as cardboard-esque as Yelchin, but go so far as to **SPOILERS** pursue him as she does at the beginning, with the silly note and the coffee date and stuff.  **END SPOILERS** There’s just no way. And to be all insecure about it as she is initially? Come on. You’re the one in the position of power, gorgeous, not the frizzy haired block of wood you’ve mistaken for a human being.  He should be pursuing you, not the other way around. And in the real world, that’s exactly what would have happened. But this is wacky Hollywood movie land, where there are no rules, at least when it comes to portraying human relationships in an accurate manner. Here, beautiful women aggressively pursue average looking, uninteresting men, and with glee! It’s the ultimate male fantasy. Where do I sign up?

And that’s my biggest issue with the film, really. The wacky, haphazard, uneven nature of the romance portrayed in this film. Anton Yelchin just doesn’t seem to be all that interested in the relationship. Sure, he says he is, but nothing in his face or voice or eyes ever gave me the impression that he truly was. At first I thought this was intentional, but as the movie progressed I slowly came to realize that no, it’s just bad acting on his part.

He is miscast, terribly, and his lack of convincing emotion throughout, especially during the more “intimate” moments between him and whatever beautiful woman happens to be infatuated with him at the moment, lend the movie a hollow, false feel that it really shouldn’t have. I didn’t believe that he ever cared for Jones’ character, ultimately, or Jennifer Lawrence’s character for that matter, which I don’t think is what the movie wanted to leave you with given the ending. It’s bad acting, plain and simple, and it ruins the movie in some ways.

Overall, though, the film isn’t primarily about Anton Yelchin. It’s mostly about Felicity Jones and what she goes through, and, for the most part, it’s successful. Sure, it might not always ring true, and some of the decisions Jones’ character makes throughout are really dumb, like **SPOILERS** over staying her visit and getting banned from the US as a result. What the hell did you expect would happen? You were stupid; stop crying about it. **END SPOILERS** And the ending is cheap, anti-climatic, and simply doesn’t make sense. But the whole thing is emotional and entertaining enough, and the girls sure are nice to look at. Worth watching. Just ignore Yelchin and you should be fine.