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Brave (2012) – 3.5/5

Beautiful, visually groundbreaking film with a strong first act that doesn’t make up for the otherwise strange, choppy, awkwardly structured nature of the rest of the film. The thing is entertaining, sure, but the element they introduce at the end of the first act, the “twist” if you will, comes out of nowhere and ultimately doesn’t work at all .

On top of that, the film establishes certain things it never pays off, namely, the whole **SPOILERS** girl is an excellent archer thing emphasized in all the marketing and posters and toys and pretty much every other element associated with this film since it was first introduced to the public many years ago. Or months. Whatever. **END SPOILERS** What gives, Pixar/Disney? Did you guys have a sudden change of heart regarding this key element of your main character’s personality and just neglect to tell the rest of us, hoping we wouldn’t notice? And why call the film “Brave” if bravery really has nothing to do with the story? It’s not even one of the central themes of the film!

But yeah, the story here is a mess. The whole **SPOILERS** magic bear transformation thing **END SPOILERS** comes out of nowhere and doesn’t work at all. Very little about the film prior to it happening implied that such a thing was even possible, and when it does happen, it’s forced and handled very awkwardly. As is the whole big bad “bear antagonist” side plot, which was very poorly developed and at times just plain stupid, especially at the end. Talk about tacked on.

I think the problem here was that the filmmakers were trying to do too much with the world they created: trying to cram too much story and theme in too broad a manner. And a lot of it feels forced as a result, and phony, and doesn’t make a whole lot of sense when all is said and done.

The animation though is great, probably the best to date. This is some truly groundbreaking stuff visually, especially the way the main character looks and moves, and her gestures and facial expressions, and the background visuals, god; it’s all genius. It’s extremely photo realistic, and in a few years, I don’t think we’ll be able to tell the difference between something shot from life and something made on a computer. Hell, we’re practically there now. Impressive stuff.

So yeah, not the best film story wise ever made, but visually, hot damn! Definitely style over substance here, though. The emphasis was clearly more on the visuals than the story, and the film suffers greatly for it. Oh, but the voice acting is pretty good.

Worth a watch if you want to see where the future of computer cinema is heading. Good places, I assure you. Probably.