Pacific Rim (2013)


Okay film with a really stupid plot but some of the most fantastic robot-on-monster visuals you’re likely to see outside of an anime, which, uncoincidentally enough, this movie might as well have been. Though, no, it is impressive that they managed to pull this off as a live action, thin plot and all. If only the story had been as good as the visuals, or made sense even, and not instead felt like something out of a terrible B-movie at times.

The whole Charlie Day side plot is ridiculous; funny, yes, but so dumb, especially when contrasted with some of the more powerful, downright terrifying battle scenes. The one at the **SPOILERS** beginning especially scared the crap out of me. **END SPOILERS** Very impressive. I was almost dreading the battles after a while they were so intense. A first. And the scene with **SPOILERS** the Asian woman’s flashback to her encounter with the monster as a young girl **SPOILERS** was brilliant and scary and extremely effective all at once. Shame most of the rest of the movie couldn’t be as good. Talk about squandered potential, at least where the story and characters were concerned.

Overall, okay, nothing great. Good mindless action, forgettable save the incredible visuals and a few well crafted scenes here and there. And what was with all the accents? Put some subtitles under there if you’re not going to require your characters to be comprehensible. Geez.

Anyway, watch it for yourself: Pacific Rim

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