Oblivion (2013)


Enjoyable Tom Cruise sci-fi action flick with a mostly solid plot and mostly great visuals almost ruined by an ending that seems to completely give up on the whole “logic” element the film had worked so hard up until that point keeping relatively intact. Not sure what happened exactly. An hour and a half in, everything is going fine, then BAM!, logic, right out of the window. Damn it. And it was doing so well. But at least the rest is pretty good, much better than I was expecting, much much better.


The film is extremely fun and enjoyable for the most part. The story is interesting and suspenseful, the action scenes are great, and the visuals are beautiful, though a bit over lit at times, making some of the quieter character moments look cheap, like something out of a soap opera. Even the acting is pretty good, especially from the Australian girl Andrea Riseborough who is fantastic and adorable as heck. The one scene where she’s **SPOILERS** killed by the floating robot thing in the second act **END SPOILERS** made me so angry, but then something else happens and it isn’t so bad. And Cruise is good too, fun to watch and stuff, though he’s definitely way too old for these kinds of roles. You had your action hero run, Cruise. It’s over. Focus on dramas now, damn it. I know you have some brilliant performances left in you; doing this action crap all the time certainly isn’t going to bring them about. I know dramas don’t pay as much or grant you nearly as much exposure, but frankly, you don’t need the money, or the attention.


The ending is where the film really suffers. The whole third act, really, is a complete mess. And I’m not even sure what the hell Morgan Freeman was doing in this other than trying to act cool. But no, the whole **SPOILERS** flying into the spaceship with the bomb thing **END SPOILERS** made absolutely no sense. Like the giant **SPOILERS** super intelligent alien machine thing isn’t going to figure out his plan, or at least be suspicious enough to not let him inside. **END SPOILERS** Come on. Talk about straining credulity. And what the hell was the deal with the **SPOILERS** spaceship flashback that tried to explain how Cruise and Australian girl were captured in the first place. It didn’t make any sense at all. Why were they flying toward it, and with sleeping pods no less? Were they going to take a nap while they were there? **END SPOILERS** No sense whatsoever, which is especially odd considering how careful the film had been until that point to keep its logic consistent. But whatever: if you disregard the last 30 minutes or so it’s not so bad.

Overall, I liked the film, terrible third act and all. It’s fun and enjoyable and suspenseful and engaging and well acted and told, and, frankly, it’s a good science fiction story. It’s not perfect, no, but it’s better than I was expecting, much much better. Just a fun sci-fi action film, above average, save the last 30 minutes. It definitely could have used some trimming here and there too, but yeah, definitely worth watching.

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