The Edukators (2004)


Okay film with an interesting concept/theme/overall message wrapped in some pretty terrible dialogue and a relatively predictable, cheesy love triangle that really ought to have been a smaller part of the overall film. Still, the film has its moments, and, as I mentioned before, the initial concept, that is, of a group of young “visionaries” breaking into the homes of rich people to make them feel less comfortable about their wealth, is good, though it’s abandoned much too early in favor of a kind of stupid road trip/cabin stay of sorts that never fully realizes its potential.


The film just lacks focus, I think. It wants to be this big social commentary piece at first, then shifts to this stupid forbidden romance of sorts, then goes back to being a sort of social commentary piece after **SPOILERS** they kidnap the rich guy and hold him hostage for a little bit, **END SPOILERS** and then takes yet another turn into melodrama with the whole love triangle thing. Is this a romance or a social piece? Make up your mind, damn it.


It’s also just not very interesting. It’s not boring per se, just not as exciting as its initial premise would lead you to believe. And the dialogue is awful. Maybe the subtitling was bad, I don’t know, but characters spout cheesy, predictable line after cheesy, predictable line throughout, especially at the beginning. Not that the acting helps matters much either, though the lead girl here, Julia Jentsch, is quite the hottie, tomboy vibe and all. The girl is sexy, what can I say?


Overall, eh. Not a terrible movie; it does have its moments, and the last third or so sure is set in a pretty area. Made me wish I lived in the mountains, actually. And the message, what little of it there is, is interesting and unique and, initially, promising. Unfortunately it’s kind of toothless; the characters here don’t seem to really believe what they preach, despite the intensity of their preaching. They seem more focused on giving angry little speeches and engaging in petty little romances than actively pursuing their cause. Nothing about it feels authentic, or like they genuinely care or believe in what they’re trying to do, and maybe this was intentional, but then how do you explain the ending? It seems less like clever, intentional subtext/social commentary and more like poorly thought out writing to me. But, who knows.

Anyway, nothing special.




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