No (2012)


Interesting, well made film with a weird, low-quality TV look that surprisingly doesn’t take away from the drama and overall impact of the story once you get used to it. And what a great story it is, and so well written, and with a powerful message no less! The conflict established in the first 20 minutes is just about perfect, and supposedly based on real events? Why hadn’t I heard of it before? Or seen a documentary on it or something? Just a great, great story. It has a little bit of everything, except romance, but who needs that really? An almost perfectly cinematic plot, the kind of story filmmakers dream of.

The style is the hardest pill to swallow, though. That and some of the decisions the main character makes, like why he **SPOILERS** decided to join the “No” campaign in the first place. **END SPOILERS** It felt too sudden, done with too little thought on his part, at least from what we’re made privy to. But once you get past that everything else fits in pretty well. But the style, man. I’ve never seen such a purposely crappy looking movie. It looks like someone pointed a camcorder at a television that was playing the film and hit record, with all the weird, washed out colors and blurs and overall crappiness that comes with it. It’s also not really that necessary; I mean, I understand why it was done, it just doesn’t add anything to the overall story, neither thematically nor artistically. You get used to it after a while, like I said, but the feeling never escaped me that the movie would have been even better had they decided to just shoot it straight. No fancy “artistic” tricks.  Eh.


Overall, great film, one of the best of the year. Very well told, paced, acted, written.  Gael García Bernal is great, as is everyone else for the most part. Just solid, realistic acting. Not a weak link in the bunch that I can think of. Very rare. The story is conventional yet entertaining and extremely cinematic, almost perfectly so at times. And the film’s exploration of **SPOILERS** the power of advertisement and propaganda is both powerful and relevant, and **END SPOILERS** the way it unfolds here is just great. The film is truly brilliant at times, even if its style and editing could have been better. And yeah, there are some character moments here and there I didn’t quite buy, namely at the beginning and at the end. But the film as a whole is great. Truly spectacular. A must watch. Can’t recommend it enough. Really, I can’t. Well, maybe I could, but aren’t four fragmented sentences enough? Go see it! Now!

  1. I have been dying to see this film for what looks like ages. I am going to see it tomorrow. Heard so much about it, great post.

    • Thanks. Yes well worth watching. One of the best of the year so far.

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