[REC]³ Génesis (2012)


Decent but disappointing sequel that starts out well enough but quickly becomes something almost completely different from what we’re used to seeing from this franchise, and not for the better. The “change” is completely unexpected and such a letdown, especially since it was one of the few things that made the previous two films so frighteningly unique and engaging and suspenseful. What gives?

Since it’s impossible to talk about the change without going into it in some detail, I’ll just spoil what it is: **SPOILERS** they abandon the freaking first person hand-held point of view that’s become a trademark of the series about 20 minutes into the film. **END SPOILERS** What the hell. I understand that it’s difficult to keep such a thing up for an entire movie, but you’ve done it twice before, what’s one more going to hurt? The freaking film is called REC for crying out loud, as in RECORD, from a hand-held camera! It’s this series’ whole schtick, damn it! At least do it for consistency’s sake. Granted the rest of the film after the “change” is by no means terrible, but it turns the thing into just another zombie film, and where’s the fun in that? So, so disappointing. Heartbreaking, even, if I’m going to really be dramatic about it.

Anyway, the film itself is okay. It’s very beautifully shot, despite the change, and well acted, paced, and directed. There are moments that are downright beautiful, like the scene **SPOILERS** in the rain with the zombie slowly walking toward our lead, or the hellish scene one of our main characters stumbles upon of  the destroyed, zombie laden wedding reception area, **END SPOILERS** or even the ending which was quite pretty despite, well, watch the film and find out. The filmmakers really know what they’re doing visually. Just stunning, beautiful work. The story wasn’t the greatest, especially with all the dumb religious elements sprinkled throughout, but it could have been worse. And parts of it are scary, sure, though not nearly as scary as they would have been had they not made the change. And there are a few funny elements to balance out all the extreme gore.

Overall, not a bad film, not at all, just not as good as it could have probably been had they not done what they do after the first 20 minutes. Certainly an above average zombie film, and a very well made one at that, full of great acting and gore and beautiful, beautiful cinematography. And what an unexpected ending. But yeah, it’s inconsistent with the previous two films, and is thus quite a let down. Still, worth watching.

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