Predator (1987)


Wacky, action packed film with a thin, questionable plot but plenty of explosions and violence and big strong muscle guys shooting guns to keep things interesting. Oh, and the alien looks pretty cool too, at least when it removes its helmet. Very lifelike. Still, it’s a touch overrated, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s smug, cigar chomping, perfectly bronzed presence notwithstanding. And man is this film a product of the 80s. From the clothes to the haircuts to the big shiny muscles, it just oozes with pure 80s flair.

The plot doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Something about a rescue mission that turns into an all out assault for some reason, then turns into a chase film, then ends in a pretty cool face off of sorts. It’s a hodgepodge of skimpy ideas that fit together well if you don’t stop to think about them too much. Not exactly a brainless action film, but trying to follow the road this film lays out for you may leave you more lost than anything else. And yeah, though the alien looks pretty cool, all the other effects in this film for the most part are very outdated. This film came out just before the big CGI revolution took hold in Hollywood, and you can really tell.

Overall, an enjoyable film. Not the greatest or most intelligent action film in the world, and some of the effects are certainly questionable, but the acting is decent, Arnold is entertaining, the violence is over the top, the explosions/deaths are plentiful, and the concept is interesting. There are also a number of well crafted quiet scenes I particularly enjoyed; very unusual in an action film. And “Lethal Weapon” screenwriter Shane Black has a role in this too for some reason. Talk about weird casting.

A touch overrated, but a solid popcorn flick. Worth watching, if you’re a fan of such things.

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