The Pact (2012) – 2/5


Ridiculously stupid, poorly acted film with a few good scares and some nice cinematography here and there. But man, what a terrible plot. There’s little to no logic to almost everything that happens here, especially the “big reveal” near the end which, though kind of scary and suspenseful, makes absolutely no sense if you stop to think about it for even a second. I mean, **SPOILERS** the killer was living in their house all along? In a large hidden bedroom they never figured out existed in a house they spent practically their entire childhoods living in? What?!?! It’s not like it’s a huge mansion or anything; how could you possibly never wonder why a significant portion of your house appears to be sealed off or otherwise missing? **END SPOILERS** Huh? What? Ugh.

But at least the film has a few good scares, especially the first one which comes out of nowhere and had me shaking. Then there’s the whole **SPOILERS** headless dream sequence thing **END SPOILERS** which was also pretty damn terrifying, and yes the big reveal is kind of suspenseful even if it is extremely stupid and illogical. Who would have thought a movie this poorly written/acted/made could be so effective? It doesn’t really take much to make something scary, I guess.

Overall, terrible low-budget film with a few good moments, but not enough to make it worth watching. The acting is pretty bad all around, as I’ve mentioned, especially from the lead who is real pretty and sure looks good parading around in inappropriately skimpy outfits for half the movie; shame she can’t carry a scene to save her life, let alone the whole film. Probably due more to poor direction than poor acting, though. You know you’re in trouble when one of the better actors in your film is Casper Van Dien, who is okay here, but nothing special. And what a stupid **SPOILERS** death scene. Wasn’t the killer worried that stabbing him, a cop, in the neck might make a huge bloody mess in the bedroom and, I don’t know, attract unwanted attention? So much for staying conspicuous, eh? Good thing this movie doesn’t exist in the real world and blood stains aren’t ever a problem, otherwise the plot would really not make any sense.**END SPOILERS**

The best actress though is Haley Hudson, who plays the blind psychic girl. She’s really the only convincing one, with arguably the only good scenes in the film; it ought to have been her movie. But yeah, the movie’s a dumb, lazy mess, and the less said about the ending, the better. Still, it’s good for a couple of scares, but not something I’d recommend watching.

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