For a Few Dollars More (1965) – 4.5/5

Well made Western full of great “old-fashioned” scenes of manly cowboys riding horses and shooting stuff and looking ragged. The story’s also pretty good here, though it takes a while to get into and is sometimes a bit too complex for its own good. And most of the actors have such great faces; you can almost see a character’s entire life just by looking into it. Is it makeup, or good casting? I wonder.

But yeah, interesting story. It’s like a game of chess set in the west, with various twists and turns and unexpected plot developments. And horses. Very well crafted. The whole thing is pretty well crafted, come to think of it; great writing, great cinematography, great editing, great acting. Just a solid, solid film. And the actor who plays the insane villain here is great. You really believe the man’s crazy, yet you see the intelligence behind the eyes, the planning. And what a sadistic backstory.  And that **SPOILERS** scene near the middle when he catches Clint Eastwood and that other guy trying to screw him over and has his men beat them half to death, man. **END SPOILERS** Like something out of hell. The ending too was pretty good. Great payoff.

Overall, I enjoyed this film. Yes, it’s slow and confusing at times, but it ultimately rewards your patience with a great story and a pretty exciting, satisfying finale. And what film making skill.  Not for everyone, but an excellent Western, and a great film in general. Worth watching, absolutely.


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