Blow (2001) – 3.5/5

A heavily “Goodfellas” influenced crime film of sorts with the same level of goofy dialogue/scenes, hammy voice over narration, and Ray Liotta, but none of the charm, or Joe Pesci. The film is okay for what it is, and some moments are effective, especially the end which is **SPOILERS** kind of sad. **END SPOILERS** But the tone is all over the place, and the film feels downright silly at times as a result.

The acting is also a bit all over the place. Johnny Depp just seems bored most of the time, or otherwise much too serious, especially during the “lighter” scenes of probably unintentional silliness. It’s a testament to his talent that he still manages to pull it off, but it’s obvious he was just cruising along in the role. His eyes seem glazed, his expression uninterested; the man just looks bored out of his mind throughout. And it’s obvious. Everyone else is okay, though I was surprised at how much billing Penélope Cruz got considering her rather small role here. And what a nice cameo from a really young Emma Roberts in what I think was one of her very first roles. She’s actually pretty good.

Overall, decent film, nothing great, kind of strange tonally, borrowing way too much for “Goodfellas” at times. The ending was interesting, and some of what happens is fun to watch. It’ll teach you about the economics of drug dealing at least, a skill that can only pay for itself over time, I’m sure.


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