Iron Sky (2012) – 4/5

Wow! A nutty, wildly entertaining B film of sorts with a ridiculously creative plot, smooth, well thought out, intelligent direction, and, some excellent, excellent CGI that looks better than films ten times this one’s budget. Granted it’s still at the end of the day a movie about militant space Nazis invading Earth, but the plot is so unique and the filmmaking so impressive that you almost wish the film had taken itself a touch more seriously. Truly impressive in almost every respect. And no, I’m not being sarcastic. I was honestly amazed at how good this thing was.

The film is very self-aware, in both good and bad ways. It’s very funny at times as a result, but sometimes the thing does go a bit overboard, especially when it comes to the many references to other films it sprinkles in throughout. It’s almost as though the film had no faith in its own abilities to remain consistently entertaining and thus felt it had to resort to parody to keep things moving along, which is a shame because it’s these very parody moments that are often the weakest. They stick out like a sore thumb. But whatever.

The story is what matters here though, surprisingly; things never turn out quite how you think they will. Just when you think you have it all figured out, nope: here’s one more crazy thing thrown in to further upset what little balance there was to begin with. And it’s all very, very creative. I can’t emphasize how downright original some of the stuff here is. That’s the film’s biggest strength: its creativity. There’s a lot of intelligence behind some of the stupid stuff that happens here, and it shows.

I also enjoyed the twist on the traditional story trope of **SPOILERS** the white person being thrust among turbulent, “uncivilized” non-whites and saving the day ala “Avatar” and “Dances with Wolves.” Here’s, it’s a black guy who goes in and sort of saves the day for the white people. Wow! **END SPOILERS** Never seen that before. And there’s even a twist on that with the whole **SPOILERS** mad Nazi scientist turning the black guy into an albino Aryan. **END SPOILERS** What the hell? How ridiculous, and hilarious! Some might find it offensive, but come on, it’s a movie about moon Nazis invading the Earth. It’s not meant to be taken seriously, and isn’t, at all. Well, maybe at the end. But mostly, no, it’s not serious at all.

Overall, this was one hell of a surprise. An extremely creative, extremely entertaining film from start to finish. Sure, a lot of it is silly and ridiculous, and the plot doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, and the Sarah Palin character here is downright terrible, but man, what a ride! And some of the best looking cinematography and special effects I’ve seen in years. The acting was also pretty good, especially from the main female lead Julia Dietze who is adorable here, for a girl playing a Nazi, that is. Just a great, charismatic performance.  And what an ending, especially the very last shot after the credits. Brilliant. Excellent film making all around. Truly great.

So, sure, it’s goofy and ridiculous and doesn’t make a whole lot of sense plot wise, but wow is it entertaining and enjoyable. There’s just so much skill here, even if it doesn’t always work. I really can’t recommend it enough. Watch it!

    • Dave Nguyen
    • August 29th, 2012

    i saw this movie too a few months back…it’s hilarious. For a B-rate movie, production value was pretty good

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