Get the Gringo (2012) – 4/5

Surprisingly damn good action film with an interesting, occasionally violent story held together by a solid performance from Mr. Violent Action himself, Mel Gibson, who, again, I miss very much from more mainstream fare.

I don’t know what it is about this film that was so appealing exactly. You’d think given its cheap look and lack of notable stars that it’d be poorly written or acted or feature really ridiculous low-budget effects, but no; it’s a pretty well written, well acted film that’s about as well crafted and entertaining as anything coming out of mainstream Hollywood, if not more so at times. The setting is interesting, the characters are interesting, everything just gels really well. I was shocked at how good it was, frankly. Just a solid, entertaining film from beginning to end.

It’s a credit to Mel Gibson’s influence, both on and off camera, that something whose ads practically scream “I’m a B-Movie!” could turn out to be anything but. Sure, there are some clunky acting moments here and there, but, overall, wow, what a complete surprise. It’s nothing deep or groundbreaking mind you, but it’s all extremely entertaining, and very smart at times. The little kid in this who plays Gibson’s sidekick is particularly good, as is everyone else really. And I had no idea Mexican prisons could be so luxurious. Sign me up.

Well worth watching, especially if you’re a fan of crime action films, and/or Mel Gibson.

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