Moonrise Kingdom (2012) – 4/5

Weird freaking film that takes a bit too long to get into on account of its weirdness and general lack of cohesive plot but becomes quite sweet and enjoyable for the most part once some semblance of a story kicks in. But man, what a weird film, even for Wes Anderson.  Strange plot, strange characters, strange visuals. What world does Anderson live in exactly? One where everything is tinted in brownish green hues, women are perpetually wearing heavy green/blue mascara, narrators can predict the future, and Bill Murray is everywhere? Yeah! Take that, reality!

Anyway, decent film, but like I’ve said repeatedly: weird, very weird. And also a bit uncomfortable at times, considering it’s about young love and there’s a scene near the middle where **SPOILERS** both kids are parading around a beach in their underwear before proceeding to grope and french kiss one another uncomfortably for about a minute. **SPOILERS** Yikes. I’ll give the film credit for casting two unknowns as the leads, and, though not the greatest actors ever, they feel right in their roles somehow. They both look very distinct, especially the girl whose face is made to look both beautiful and child like, hence the occasional discomfort. It’s one of those faces that lingers in the back of your mind long after the film is over.

Overall, I liked the film, though, again, it takes a while to get into, and doesn’t do anything that you haven’t already seen in practically every other movie Anderson’s made in the past. He has a niche and likes to stick to it, I guess, which is unfortunate. But the story is unique and occasionally too quirky and odd for its own good, but it has heart, and it manages to capture young love in a way few films are ever able to.

Some scenes near the end actually reminded me of something out a of a horror film, though I’m not really sure why as nothing horrifying was happening really. I guess the imagery and the weird lighting and the crowds all blended together at certain points in a manner that felt more like something you’d see in a horror film than a quirky indie comedy. Maybe Anderson should try making a horror next. I think it’d really be something.

Anyway, good film; worth watching if you’re into this kind of stuff and don’t mind a lot of strangeness.

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