Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961) – 4.5/5

Great, somewhat dark film about a pretty boy writer who falls for the charms of a shallow, self-centered twit. The film is one of those rare romantic comedies that isn’t a complete piece of crap due to its great, unpredictable writing and deep, well-developed, hopelessly troubled but nonetheless infinitely fascinating characters. All stuff that makes for interesting story telling, in other words, rather than the usual clichéd garbage I imagine most romantic comedies are made up of. I don’t watch very many, so I wouldn’t know.

Anyway, great film. The acting isn’t the best, even from Audrey Hepburn who looks great but is stiff and stagey and seems to be giving an invisible wink to the audience whenever she opens her mouth. Yes, this is a comedy and yes, your character is oh so adorably silly. We got as much from the story, thanks. Acting is hard, I know, but you’re supposed to be a professional, damn it. Do your job and act the part. Stop mugging to the camera! Argh!

Despite the lousy acting, the film succeeds, mostly because of the great writing. The characters are extremely complex and well-developed, the story has plenty of unpredictable twists and turns that keep things interesting, and even though the ending sort of really screws one of our leads over, it’s still extremely satisfying.

Though, really, **SPOILERS** poor guy. The woman is clearly a troubled, money hungry kook only looking for her next meal ticket. Sure she can be sweet and charming and adorable and fun when she wants to be, and sure, she gives him, and, in turn, us, the impression that she’s changed at the end, but her priorities will on some level always be financially driven. Love obviously isn’t enough for her; the woman craves financial prosperity. She wanted to fly to a foreign country on a whim and start dating random rich men until painstakingly convinced otherwise by our male lead, for god’s sake. How the hell does the girl still appeal to him after that? Sure she’s pretty and charming and all that, but so are millions of other, less crazy women. Probably. Just find someone else. **END SPOILERS** But whatever. It’s a romantic movie and it needed a feel good ending, and it delivers in that respect, so long as you don’t think about it too much.

So, yeah, great film. Definitely watch.

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