21 Jump Street (2012) – 4/5

Funny, insane action comedy that follows the formula a little too closely at times, but nonetheless accomplishes what so many comedy remakes before it have failed to do: entertain. The occasional tongue in cheek references to it being a remake were also a nice touch, and the acting, especially from Brie Larson, whom I love very much, is pretty good, she naturally being the best of the bunch. And I never thought I’d say this, but Franco is great here.

Not James Franco, of course, but his brother Dave, who made me go “hmm, this guy’s pretty good” a number of times throughout before I even realized whom he was related to. Hollywood has clearly chosen the wrong brother to heap its praise upon all this time; the guy to look out for is clearly the younger Franco. Glad to see him breaking out slightly, and here’s hoping he lives up to the promise he showed here so that maybe, one day, the popularity of his talentless older brother will be but a dark, long forgotten memory in the ever-growing pit of public opinion.

Overall, good film, kind of goofy at times, and surprisingly gory, especially at the end. But, fun for what it is. Nothing groundbreaking, but well written and entertaining. And Jonah Hill wasn’t even that annoying here, though still very much mediocre, as is to be expected from someone of his limited acting abilities. Still, worth watching.

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