Footnote (2011) – 3.5/5

Weird dark drama advertised as this hilarious comedy full of wit and charm and wacky comic scenarios that promised to leave me on the floor in stitches. “Brilliantly funny,” they said. “Fun for the whole family,” they said. Nope. Not at all. Granted, it is funny at times, but only during those rare moments when it isn’t bombarding you with some of the most depressing family dynamics I’ve ever seen from a film trying to pass itself off as a comedy.

The tone is also all over the place, as is the music, which is good, but way too bombastic at times. The writing just doesn’t fit the directing, or maybe it’s the other way around, I don’t know. The film is too goofy at times to take seriously, yet too dark to be considered anything but a drama. Very weird.

The acting is where the film shines, though, especially from the lead who is often note perfect. No idea who he is or where he came from, but he’s brilliant. And the actor who plays his father is also quite great. Not one false moment. And some scenes here and there are pretty good, especially the “reveal” near the end involving the word “fortress.” Very clever.

Overall, the film is okay; an interesting idea to base a comedy around, and well acted, just way too stylistically inconsistent/over the top, especially at the end. And depressing as all hell for a comedy. A good example of false advertising if there ever was one. I should sue.

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