Let the Right One In (2008) – 3.5/5

This film doesn’t live up to its hype. Don’t get me wrong: it’s good, but all this “wow that was really brilliant you have to watch it” crap that I’ve had heaped on me was, ultimately, not to be taken too seriously. Serves me right for giving in to peer pressure. Again.

It starts out slow and a bit hazy, but eventually picks up, though it never achieves a clear sense of direction. The film is all over the place at times, and the climax at the end was off-the-wall ridiculous. I mean, God, a **SPOILERS** decapitation? **END SPOILERS** Really? And what was with the attacking CGI cats scene? Ugh. The filmmakers couldn’t have found other things to spend their money on? And some of the dialogue was a bit, shall we say, hammy.

That being said, the acting in this film by the girl is GREAT. She’s raw and vicious, yet sweetly sentimental and strangely adorable at the same time. And the relationship the main character has with her is as believable as it is innocent; a form of puppy love, if you will.

And what I did like about this movie, aside from the acting, is the fact that it sort of plays a game with you throughout. Trying not to spoil anything: the whole movie plays out like a love story, which it is, but **SPOILERS** only for one character. **END SPOILERS**  Something happens about halfway through this film that, if you’re like me, will make you go “hmmm,” then think, “wow, I really wish that moron sitting to the side of me would SHUT THE HELL UP and stop laughing at every little thing that happens on-screen goddammit!” Or not. But that was my reaction at the showing I went to.

Anyway, the final scene of this film is interesting in that it confirms what the “hmm” scene from before only implied: **SPOILERS** that someone in this relationship is getting screwed over. It is by no means a happy ending, though the way it’s shot implies just that. **END SPOILERS**

So, long story short, a flawed yet subtle film that works in parts that only truly come together at the end. It’s a dark ending disguised as something light and optimistic; a tragedy in the guise of a triumph. And for that, it deserves to be seen.

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