Overnight (2003) – 4/5

A good example of how a documentary not need be shot professionally or even competently in order for it to be interesting. The filmmaking is amateurish at best, and the narrative is spotty, but the character of Troy Duffy is so interesting and magnetic that you just can’t look away.

The guy may be an arrogant jackass, but man is he a presence. Any scene where he’s giving a monologue about his greatness or telling someone what’s what is pure gold. No wonder he was able to persuade so many in Hollywood to give him a chance; there’s just something about him that’s so persuasive, you can’t help but give in. Naturally, he ended up being a complete moron, but man can the guy talk.

Anyway, an interesting film about a charismatic, manipulative jackass who tries and fails horrifically at making a name for himself in Hollywood. Leaves you with a lot to think about afterward, which is rare for a movie.

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