Paper Heart (2009) – 3.5/5

A film about two awkward people engaging in an awkward relationship full of quirkiness and offbeat moments that are bound to entertain some and annoy others.

Eh. Though not a bad film, it’s really nothing special, nor is it as groundbreaking as some have hailed it to be. So it’s a mix of documentary and reality. So what? It’s been done, and better.

And I still don’t get Hollywood’s fascination with Michael Cera. He’s not a good actor, he’s not very funny, he doesn’t have much of a personality, and he isn’t very attractive. What’s the deal with him, exactly? Not good.

Charlyne Yi is a good character for this, despite her lack of personality and hobbit-like appearance. She’s quirky and odd, but her weirdness grows on you after a while. She’s kind of cute in a mumbling, awkwardly nervous kind of way, at least in this film. Whether she’s actually like this in real life is another matter.

Overall, eh, yeah, sure, a good film. Nothing spectacular, though.

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