Jersey Girl (2004) – 4/5

Ben Affleck almost ruins this movie, but, try as he might, the script is simply too well written to succumb to his lack of charm/wit/personality/talent. But boy, does he try.

I usually don’t notice bad acting in films unless it’s really, really, really bad, and in most mainstream movies, the acting is rarely as horrific as what’s on display here. The man cannot act. He can’t. I didn’t buy one minute of his performance in this film. He’s out-acted by a 7-year-old girl, for God’s sake. How he’s reached mainstream Hollywood is beyond me. His looks? But those only go so far.

Anyway, the film is pretty decent despite the terrible lead performance. The writing is sharp and quite edgy given its PG-13 rating, and the story, though predictable, is entertaining and occasionally very funny.

One of Kevin Smith’s better films, if you can stomach Ben Affleck, Oy.

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