The Road (2009) – 4.5/5

Dark and depressing. But very beautifully shot, and well acted by Viggo Mortensen, who is brilliant as always.

The movie is often vague and distracted, hovering above your head like a dream. That probably doesn’t make any sense, but deal with it. I write in similes, what can I say?

The thing that I liked, though was a bit annoyed by at the same time, is the explanation the film offers for the apocalypse that took place, or the lack thereof. There are some hints as to what happened, and you can put two and two together if you really wanted to, but it leaves many questions unanswered.

The film is also rather plot-less, being little more than a series of dark, twisted trials the father and son go through as they travel across the country. It’s all beautifully shot, especially one scene involving a campfire, but there’s no real story here, which can get tiring at times. Also, some parts are more interesting than others.

Still, what is revealed about this new world is dark and disturbingly inventive. The parts with the cannibals are just sick, but in a good way. And the end is like a sucker punch to the stomach. Geez. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any darker, it does. Oy.

Overall, a good film that a lot of people probably won’t like on account of it being too slow or depressing or dark or twisted. I liked it, though, and that’s all that matters really. It’ll leave you thinking, if you stick with it.

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