The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus (2009) – 4/5

Another wacky, dream like film by Terry Gilliam. Unlike his previous film “Tideland,” though, this one is actually interesting, has a plot, and doesn’t make you wish you were dead every couple of minutes.

One of the main complaints about this film is that the plot makes little to no sense. I didn’t have this problem at all, and quite frankly, have no idea what those people were talking about. If anything, the plot is too straightforward, too “traditional;” it has an interesting premise, but the way it plays out is rather typical, except for the end where something happens with one of the main characters that I totally wasn’t expecting. I’ve never seen that in a film, actually, and totally took me by surprise.

But aside from its twist, and its initial premise, it isn’t anything too confusing or “out there.” I guess I was expecting more strangeness from a Gilliam film, but instead what I got was a relatively mild film with some magic in it, and a very sexy Lily Cole who, despite not being that attractive, manages to come off as the epitome of beauty with her big eyes and long legs. She’s also a pretty good actress, for a model.

This film will probably go down in history as being Heath Ledger’s last film, which is okay; he’s decent in it, charismatic and charming. But he’s nothing special. I wouldn’t recommend watching this film just because he’s in it, though. Stick to the Dark Knight.

But if you want to watch something visually interesting and a bit different than your standard Hollywood fare, then sure, check this out.

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