Open Range (2003) – 3.5/5

Eh. A movie of questionable quality. Well written, but terribly directed. The acting is stiff, and line readings are occasionally dull or downright silly.

Strangely enough, the only actor who is actually convincing in this film is Kevin Costner, who was also the director. Coincidence? I think not. It takes a certain kind of purposeful ineptitude to bring about bad performances from both Robert Duvall and Annette Bening. How Costner did it, though, is beyond me. A shame.

And, although the script is strong, it could have used a few more passes. There were a lot of filler scenes; lots of fat that could have been trimmed.

But some of it was interesting and entertaining. The end shoot out was well done. And some of it is actually quite funny for a serious Western. But it could have been better. Stick to baseball flicks, Costner.

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