Observe and Report (2009) – 3.5/5

This was kind of an odd movie. It’s very much in the vein of many other comedies of its kind, except it occasionally takes bizarre, seemingly random turns into a dark, twisted, “killing puppies” type territory that disturbs, frightens, and confuses.

Granted, no actual puppies are killed in this film, but they very well could have been. The film is funny at times, but it’s all mostly clichéd, predictable stuff, with the exception of the “killing puppies” type scenes that come out of nowhere and leave you going “what the hell?”

I enjoyed what this film tried to do, though, namely, to make a twisted, mentally disturbed character the protagonist, and an intelligent, competent, well put together character the antagonist. It’s brave stuff, and there’s a scene near the middle involving Seth Rogen and a bunch of cops that was clever in playing with your expectations. On the one hand, you want Seth Rogen to win, cause he’s the “hero” of the story, but on the other, you know that what he’s doing is crazy, that he himself is crazy, and that there’s no way he could be allowed to continue as he has been. It’s clever and unexpected, and surprisingly well shot.

Unfortunately, the film isn’t hilarious all the way through, and becomes a bit of a chore to watch at times, namely because it follows the beaten path of so many other films and ends rather predictably. Eh. It’s also just unpleasant in general, and dark.

Still, it was interesting, and mildly enjoyable. Though, again, I could have done with significantly less male nudity.

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