Ponyo (2008) – 4/5

Cool film. Didn’t really understand all of it, but that’s to be expected with these kinds of films. The point of films like this is to look at the pretty animation and go “oooh, ahh” and be amazed by it all, and I was, story be damned.

Though compared to Miyazaki’s other films, this is about as straight and coherent a narrative as you’re going to get. And it is very enjoyable, and pretty. I especially liked the scene where the waves are chasing the car up the mountain and the little girl is hopping from wave to wave to keep up with it; very well done.

It’s also charming and cute in its own way. The little fish girl thing is adorable, though the notion of her turning human to be with the little boy is a bit odd. Wasn’t she his pet? What’s going on there? And what was with the supposed “villain” at the end? Didn’t he initially have a plan to wipe out all of mankind or something at the beginning of the movie? What happened with all that?

So, yeah, it’s unconventional and doesn’t really make sense, but it’s entertaining and very well animated. Worth seeing.

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