Rescue Dawn (2006) – 4.5/5

What a great film. Tense and well crafted, and a fine performance by all involved, which, in this case, was half the cast of the show “Lost.” Herzog really ought to stick to directing films where his stupid voice isn’t narrating everything that’s going on or making inappropriate jokes at the expense of those he’s interviewing. He’s really quite talented otherwise.

And what a great performance by Christian Bale. The guy can really act when he puts his mind to it. Who knew? And that long-haired guy from “Lost” who plays a scientist is great in this as the hopeful soldier that’s slowly going mad from pain and hunger; truly an award worthy performance.

The plot is also really interesting, from the capture to the prison camp to a nail-biting scene near the end that had me at the edge of my seat. The actors really put themselves through hell for their roles, losing tons of weight and looking like crap in the end. That’s devotion. Yet Christian Bale’s hair looks perfect throughout despite filth and starvation; what gives?

Overall, a really great, entertaining film. Well acted and directed, and engaging. Watch!

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