Hostel (2005) – 3.5/5

Stupid. But also kind of disgusting, which sort of makes up for it, but not really. It’s also pretty well shot. But the writing, God, the writing. Terrible.

I’m not a big fan of people vomiting in films, and this movie had not one, but two instances of graphic, gratuitous vomiting. Those were the scenes that made me sick, really. Everything else was just ridiculous, and somewhat restrained surprisingly. But the first torture scene especially, with the guy and the drills, and him vomiting from the pain and fear. Yuck. And then the second time with the ball gag. Ugh. I’m getting sick just thinking about it. Oh and the scene at the end with the eye. Sick, sick stuff.

Though the writing and the dialogue were horrifically bad, the film was very well shot and decently directed. I also liked the fact that **SPOILERS** the character we think is the main character turns out not to be. **END SPOILERS** Good twist. Every other aspect of the film was pretty stupid/implausible, though, both logically and narratively. Lots of instances where characters about to get caught magically vanish or manage to hide just in the nick of time. And that ending made no sense. I get the need to go out with a bang, but don’t insult the audience. Come on.

Anyway, a decent, if somewhat stupid film, with lots of graphic, disturbing gore, and way too much vomiting. Ugh. Nice cinematography, though, and some genuinely well crafted moments of horror. Eli Roth is no Tarantino, but he’s certainly better than Robert Rodriguez. He just needs to work more on his writing. A lot more.

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