Happy-Go-Lucky (2008) – 4.5/5

Good film. Plotless, but well acted and overall very well made. Don’t let the stupid title fool you; this isn’t just a comedy. In fact, some of the film’s best moments are dark and dramatic.

The film takes a bit to get used to, though. Since it doesn’t really have a plot, it doesn’t start to “kick in” until the 20 minute mark. Before that, it’s a bit annoying. But it passes, and when it does, it gets quite entertaining. I kept thinking this would probably work better as a sitcom, but a movie works too, I guess. I also really liked all the little moments with the Spanish dance instructor. Very well acted and directed.

The only scenes I didn’t like were the ones with the driving teacher. It’s not that they aren’t well done; they’re just very uncomfortable, which I guess was the point. And he did overact a bit. I just didn’t buy him as a real character. I did like the last scene when their opposing world views finally come to a head, with explosive results. Very well done.

Overall, great film, entertaining, funny. And who knew British women could be so sexy? Watch.

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