The Crazies (2010) – 3.5/5

Wow, what a decent, non-terrible film this turned out to be. Who would have thought a generic director adapting a relatively hum-drum story using B-list actors would actually come up with something this entertaining? And tense!

Just an entertaining, well done movie throughout. Scary and intense, with a plausible plot, sort of, and not very many stupid, impractical moments so commonly associated with the horror genre. And the acting was also pretty decent. Timothy Olyphant is great in this as the tough sheriff, reprising his role from Deadwood in a way with both fury and a single-minded determination to keep himself and his loved ones alive. Heck yeah!

The dialogue is only sort of stupid at times, but luckily, talking is kept to a minimum, with tense bursts of violence and the occasional massive explosion to fill the silence. And it works.

The only thing that I had a hard time really believing is the ending, namely, what ultimately happens to the town, though I could see how it might sort of work. Still, this is a minor quibble.

I also had an issue with how fast and relatively emotionless everything is. Other than a few shots at the beginning establishing who the characters are, everyone feels cold and plastic. Granted this is a generic horror film meant more as a quick fix than anything with actual substance, and it works well in that respect, but I couldn’t help wanting more.

Overall, though, a tense, well paced, gory roller coaster ride from hell. See Hollywood? Even generic, half-baked horror remakes can come out extremely entertaining when they have some thought put behind them. There should be no excuses. This is the bar you’ve raised. I expect no less from you from now on.

Also, stop spoiling all your good scenes in the trailers, damn it. This movie would have been even better had I not known what most of the setups were going to be in advance.

Great! Watch it!

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