Lord of War (2005) – 4.5/5

Great film. Funny, dark, disturbing, and Nicholas Cage gives another excellent performance as a less psychotic version of Al Pacino’s character in “Scarface,” sort of. I knew I used to like him for a reason. He’s still got it, he just needs to stop wasting it on stupid science fiction films.

This film is a good example of an interesting story well told. It offers the audience a unique perspective that you don’t see in films very often, that is, that of the “bad guy’s,” and it does it in an entertaining, occasionally wacky way.

Sure, the film has a tendency to be a bit uneven tonally, particularly when you compare the dark, goofy humor of the beginning to the serious drama of the end, but it’s still enjoyable, and disturbing, and sad.

But, what can I say? I liked it. It’s a movie with a message, one that isn’t made clear until the end. Jared Leto also gives a pretty good performance as Cage’s loser half-brother. He provides an interesting contrast to Cage’s character, especially at the end. Oh, and Ethan Hawke’s character. He isn’t given much to do until the end when he becomes an important part of the story, one that you won’t be expecting. “Evil prevails.” Very cool.

Good film overall. Really good. Not sure why it was ignored and otherwise brushed under the rug when it came out, but strongly recommended. Watch it!

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