Big Fan (2009) – 3.5/5

Good film. A bit all over the place at times, and the story unfolds differently than most traditional films, but it still manages to be interesting and entertaining. It’s also pretty well acted overall. And funny.

Patton Oswalt plays an unusual character; you never quite know or understand what his deal is. He’s kind of a loser, but not really as his life, as pathetic as some may see it, satisfies him thoroughly. He’s so comfortable living in squalor that even when he has the opportunity to change things, mostly for the better, he stubbornly refuses, mostly to the detriment of his own physical and mental health.

The ending was also quite something. Hilarious, yet disturbing. Totally didn’t see it coming.

A few things I didn’t buy: the act of violence that sets off the whole chain of events was poorly shot and edited. There are also some illogical moments in the film, mostly those dealing with police and how they handle things. I also didn’t quite buy the very end; surely that character’s mental state was such that the punishment would have been significantly reduced, if not outright dismissed.

But those are only slight quibbles. It’s an enjoyable, frequently hilarious film with good performances. It’s also pretty well shot for the most part, and different in an interesting way. Worth seeing.

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