Last Days (2005) – 3/5

Slow and mostly uninteresting, with a few good scenes here and there, but not enough of them. Arguably Gus Van Sant’s least accessible film, with almost no plot to speak of and a weird, rather annoying lead performance. Though the guy can sing, I’ll give him that.

Eh. It’s nicely shot, and looked to have been pretty cheap to film. Honestly, I lost interest in this film about 20 minutes in and only tuned in mentally whenever something even remotely interesting took place. So, not often.

There are some nice scenes, though. I enjoyed the “impromptu” jamming session scene, and I particularly liked the song the main character sings at the end all in one take. He sounded very much like Kurt Cobain, both lyrically and vocally. Very impressive.

Overall, though, it’s not a great film. Maybe if it had more of a plot it would have held my attention longer. Also, the main character isn’t given much to do despite being the central figure of the entire film. He barely speaks, and when he does, it’s mostly just incoherent mumbling. This was intentional, but annoying. You never really get a sense of why he is the way he is, or why he’s acting so strangely. Not even a hint, actually.


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