An Unreasonable Man (2005) – 4.5/5

Fascinating doc about an extremely important character I unfortunately never knew anything about before having watched this. Though not a remarkable film by any means, the subject is engaging and extremely revealing; I had no idea Ralph Nader played such a significant role in establishing things we today take for granted, such as car safety, detailed prescription information, cigarette warnings, and much, much more. What a great man! Assuming the documentary portrayed him in an accurate light, that is.

The guy has fought corporate greed his whole life, and selflessly from what I’ve been able to gather, sacrificing happiness, fortune, and, more recently, reputation, for the greater good. He’s a forward thinker, a modern-day hero; that rare, almost supernatural figure stories have been spread about for centuries to serve. His work in the 60s and 70s was truly the stuff of legend, things I would never have believed were it not so carefully documented and otherwise recorded. Why don’t more people know about all his great contributions to society? Why is he instead considered to be such a joke among the public? Talk about injustice.

It’s truly shameful the way the media has tarnished his reputation. Nothing made me angrier than seeing his various struggles during both the 2000 and 2004 Presidential elections. Just disgusting. And sad. All because the man wanted to exercise his Constitutional right to run for office? And the exchange he has with a police officer as he tries to “crash” the 2004 DNC was just great; he’s confident and extremely sharp-witted, yet able to convey a level of respect and understanding that diffuses the situation almost instantly.

The man is my new hero, and possibly the only true role model left in this country. If not lately, then certainly back in his prime. A great movie about an even greater man. Strongly recommended.

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