Three Kings (1999) – 4/5

An above average war flick even more relevant today than when it came out. Often entertaining and occasionally very funny, and featuring the surprise appearance of a young “Maeby” of “Arrested Development” fame in what was probably her first role ever. I almost didn’t even recognize her.

The plot is interesting, though it drags a bit in the middle. Just a bit. It’s still good, but once they get stuck in the desert and have to wait things out, things started getting a bit dull. But the plot kicks in again pretty quickly, and the ending is satisfying. And Mark Wahlberg getting tortured is one for the ages.

I also enjoyed the way it humanized the “enemy” by portraying the people of Iraq as suffering victims of Saddam’s regime. If only this film had come out before the beginning of the Iraq war, or even during, opinions may have been swayed. Still, it is out there, and can be watched again at any time.

Overall, a good film. Interesting, unique, visually stylistic, and often quite funny. And still relevant after all these years. Go see it if you never have.

  1. Very good satire on the war, and just why the hell we were in war during 1991. Although, that gets a little preachy by the end, I still enjoyed myself a lot throughout this film. Good Review!

    • Yeah, it was entertaining enough. I remember having enjoyed the heck out of it the first time I saw it many years ago, and it still was a good movie the second time around, just not as good as I was expecting given its hype/my memory of it. Eh. In the end, you can’t go wrong with Clooney.

      Thanks man!

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