Robin Hood (2010) – 4/5

A good film, though not really about the Robin Hood legend. Typical Ridley Scott historical epic, full of sword fights and swashbuckling, and a surprisingly high level of sex for a PG-13 film. Not that I’m complaining.

The violence is also pretty darn extreme for a PG-13 film. They should have just upped the ante a bit and made it an R. Everything feels real, though the story is a bit preposterous. The character of Robin Hood, though noble and brave, is not really explored all that much. People automatically just accept him as the leader and do what he says. And then, at the end, he’s made an outlaw for no good reason. Very logical, thanks.

The character of King John is also all over the place. He starts the movie as an arrogant, simple-minded brat, then becomes an arrogant, simple-minded prick, then becomes the comic relief for about a half hour, then goes back to being an arrogant prick just before the audience starts to finally sympathize with him. It didn’t work. The actress who played his wife was damn fine, though. Ah, to be rich and powerful.

Cate Blanchett is probably the best thing in the film. She brings strength and confidence to what could have easily been a “damsel in distress” type role. Well done, as usual. If only she were more attractive. I still love her, though.

The plot is engaging, even though I was half asleep at the time. You don’t always know exactly what’s going on, or why it’s happening, but it doesn’t matter; it’s nice to look at, and the battles are very well staged, especially the ones at the end. And I feel like I learned something about history when all was said and done. Whether or not any of it actually happened is beside the point; I’m smarter now.

Overall, yeah, decent war pic. Lots of horse riding and people being shot with arrows. Nothing you probably haven’t seen before, but it’s decent enough. If you’re a fan of the Robin Hood mythos, though, look elsewhere.

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