Inception (2010) – 4.5/5

Mind boggling at times, and the first act could really have used a trim, but otherwise really freaking good. An original, captivating premise, jaw dropping action scenes, and a genuinely entertaining overall experience that more than makes up for the film’s weird plot and all the inconsistencies/implausibilities therein. Well done, Nolan!

It’s also better than The Dark Knight, namely due to the film’s originality and lack of terrible editing. Looks like Nolan’s finally learning how to properly establish pace in his films. I was also extremely impressed with the action scenes, specifically the ones done in zero gravity. How the hell did they pull those off?

The story doesn’t always make sense, though. The film establishes all these weird rules without ever explaining how or why they are, then seems to break or otherwise skim over inconsistencies in the hope that no one will notice. And, to its credit, no one probably will, with a few exceptions. This doesn’t really matter, though, as the film is so engaging that you quickly accept whatever weird stuff is happening in front of you without question. It’s fun watching the characters do their thing, and full of suspense.

It’s also a lot less gritty than Nolan’s other films. In fact, it’s almost downright pleasant. Nolan has a tendency to make really good films that you’d never want to watch a second time, due to their heaviness and grit. This one, though, is interesting and entertaining without being oppressive, and didn’t leave me feeling worn out by its end. A first for him.

Overall, yeah, great film, very entertaining and interesting and suspenseful, full of great visuals and ridiculous set ups. It takes a long time to get into, though; they really ought to have trimmed about a half hour from the beginning. Oh, and Ellen Page is adorable, as always. Go see it!

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